Our “No Tax Return Loans” are the perfect solution for the self-employed / free-lance borrower. Unlike a W2 employee, those who are self-employed have the ability to deduct their business expenses so that they may offset their income. This ultimately saves them the most money in paying income taxes and most likely will not qualify for a full income documentation loan, which requires two years of income tax returns.


640+ Credit Score

MAX LOAN $7,000,000

Reserves $0

No Tax Return Programs

We specialize in structuring your loan to offer the
most favorable rates and terms with the least fees.
Our no-income tax return programs are ideal for:

• Owner Occupied / Non-Owner Occupied

• Purchase / Refinance

• Cash Out / Rate & Term

•Debt Consolidation

• Second / Vacation Home

Methods to Qualify for No Tax Return Loans

Business / Personal Bank Statements

Rather than requesting income tax returns, we qualify the borrower(s) by analyzing their cash flow and using their total deposits as income. Income is calculated by averaging the monthly deposits. We provide 5-year, 7-year, and 30- year fixed options with as little as 10% down.

Profit & Loss Statement

Rather than calculating annual deposits as income, we qualify the borrower(s) by using a CPA prepared profit and loss statement and or a borrower prepared profit and loss statement only.

1099 Only Income

This unique “In House” loan program allows a borrower(s) to qualify by using 1099 income only. No tax returns and or profit and loss statement needed to maximize gross annual income.

Asset Qualifying

This program is ideal for those who have tremendous savings in which we use an “In House” algorithm to calculate a monthly income to qualify. No deposits and or profit and loss statements required.

Investment Properties – No Income Needed

Purchasing or refinancing an investment property has never been so streamline. In order to qualify for an investment / no income documentation loan, we use the rental income from the property to qualify for the loan. However, if the rental income does not exceed the monthly payment, we are still able to qualify the property on a “no ratio” loan program.

The Perfect Solution for Self Employed Borrowers

• Real Estate Professionals

• Those in the Entertainment Industry

• Investors with Complex Financials

• Freelance Business Owners

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