Our 3-Step Loan Process

We easily strategize the best loan to fit your needs.

We approve your loan through our “In-House” underwriters.

We draw loan docs and fund “In-House”.

Step 1: Apply for a Loan

Through a brief phone conversation we are able to strategize your financial situation so that we can structure the most favorable loan to fit your needs. Once you complete our brief customized loan application and send us our requested items, we can issue a pre-approval within 1 business day.

Step 2: Get Approved

Once pre-approved we can either issue a pre-approval letter to match your offer if you are looking to buy a home and or move forward on a refinance to better your current loan situation.

Step 3: Close Your Loan

Since we are a “Direct Lender”, we process and underwrite our loans “In-House”. Therefore, we are able to move quicker than most lenders, which allows us to issue a final loan approval, draw loan docs and fund without delay. We make the loan process efficient and smooth.

Begin your loan process today!